The Best Fitted Sheets In Town

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Can you think of something more frustrating than an ill-fitted and untidy fitted sheet that keeps on coming out due to not being deep enough for your mattress? We can bet that this is definitely the most annoying thing which is why Sweave sheets have an all-around elastic for a snug fit and deep pockets that can accommodate mattresses of up to 18 inches. This is not the end, as Sweave's fitted sheets also have “short side” & “long side” labels which makes it super easy to get it right the first time.

fitted sheets

Using fitted sheets will help keep your bed neat and untidy and also protect your mattress from becoming dirty. Moreover, using fitted sheets will also considerably save your time as it is a lot easier to apply as compared to a flat sheet. 

Fitted sheets

Fitted sheets are also the safest option for children as they will not slide down the bed which will ensure that your children are not hurt while playing. They will avoid the need of constantly arranging the sheets while children are playing. 

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